Alchemy Fitness Centre is conveniently situated in Randburg, Johannesburg and offers an exciting range of Fitness Classes: Pilates Classes, Yoga Classes and Fitball Classes. Alchemy Fitness Centre is run by Marsha Forbes, a qualified Pilates, Yoga & Fitball instructor. Join one of our fun group classes or enquire about individual one-on-one sessions.


Pilates is an educational and exercise system which uses the proper body mechanics, movements, core and pelvic stabilization, coordinated breathing, and muscle contractions to promote strengthening. Attention is paid to correct postural alignment.


Our Yoga classes comprise a combination of gentle physical (postures) and breathing exercises which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for meditation as well as improving overall muscle toning and fitness.


Fitball (also referred to as Power Ball) uses the aid of a ball in the training regime to improve balance and core stability, to strengthen core muscles, muscle tone and improve flexibility.